CopperBamboo Leaves

The addition of our CopperBamboo leaves to your baluster design allows you to assemble a truly one of a kind work of art, unique to your application.

CopperBamboo leaves are available in 3”, 4” and 5” lengths (measured from the end of the installation screw to the tip of the leaf). For the most realistic effect, we encourage you to order a variety of sizes to add to your baluster project.

We stock CopperBamboo leaves in singles. Custom order groupings of two and three leaves on each stem are also available, allowing you - the designer/homeowner - to add the level of realism you desire.

CopperBamboo Leaf Installation:

Anywhere you would like to add a CopperBamboo leaf to your baluster design, you simply pierce a hole in the baluster with the stainless steel tool (provided with your order) and thread the base of the leaf into the hole.

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