Thank you for your interest in our handcrafted CopperBamboo products for your home, garden or gift needs.  CopperBamboo products are individually created to bring the timeless feel and beauty of copper into your home or garden.

Because of the nature of copper, these items will last lifetimes.  Each CopperBamboo creation is a piece of art that will function in your home or garden for years to come, with designs that blend into virtually any decor or design theme.

While we produce stock items that give customers a starting point to begin their collection, we also do custom orders. We especially enjoy working with our customers to create unique custom products based on your specific needs and style. Each order is put together after you contact us with your request, so anything is possible. Whether that's the combination of pieces in a set, special finishes to match your decor, custom sizes, or a one-of-a-kind creation, we strive to produce products that will fit your specific needs PERFECTLY.

You or your designer can contact us directly to begin the journey of bringing the beauty and versatility of handcrafted copper into your home or garden - or to create the perfect gift for someone special.

Thank you for visiting CopperBamboo.com.  Click here to view our products page and to purchase your own CopperBamboo!

Scott Nollette

CopperBamboo Owner/Designer